To apply a more structured approach in developing and testing their products

We provide an independent external perspective to assess your current working practice and to identify opportunities for more structure, transparency and rationalisation to assist you to transition to a more streamlined, effective and efficient way of working.

To establish a new project management best practice

We help you to realise the potential of PRINCE2, for example, by helping to establish templates that are suited to your business, by providing guidelines to assist project boards, by advising on quality reviews, by coaching individuals in their project roles.

To reengineer IT processes

We work with you to establish a coherent set of processes that reflect the way that you work and that you want to work. This may need to accommodate development approaches such as waterfall, Agile, and DSDM, and marry them with project management disciplines such as PRINCE2. It may involve service management in line with ITIL ISO 20000. Our experience can help you to build upon your current work documentation, focus it into process definitions, then rationalise and reduce the supporting documentation.

To implement a new quality management system

We evaluate your current situation and propose a QMS process architecture that will build upon your current documentation and enable you to progress in a manageable way. Our approach will help you to establish coherent processes that are defined to the right level to help you to achieve your business goals and improve your operational effectiveness.