Our services reflect our desire to deliver value for clients in the most efficient and effective way. We prefer to work with clients in a service-based mode rather than on the traditional time and materials basis, because the application of services helps both us and the client to keep focused and to achieve more productive outcomes.

In the public sector, the use of service-based contracts is also in line with government aspirations to achieve better value for money in its use of consultants.

We offer the following services, which can be combined to meet the needs of individual clients.

  Service Client benefit
Consultancy study

The Client receives an independent expert assessment of the situation and practical recommendations for moving forward

Process definition

The Client obtains a process definition for a fixed fee. This can be a useful stepping stone to implementation, either as a one-off initiative or as part of a larger project or programme of work.

Process implementation

We advise on and support or deliver process communications and training. As a result, the working practice at the Client adjusts to routinely apply the best practice reflected in the process, delivering more consistent, predictable and improving performance. This benefits the Client’s customers and enhances the Client’s reputation.

Process improvement

The Client obtains a new process definition with proposed improvements for a fixed fee. This can be a useful stepping stone to implementation, either as a one-off initiative or as part of a larger project or programme of work.

Process document review

The Client gains an independent expert perspective on a process, so that it can be improved, leading to improved working practice

Architecture of processes,
quality management system

The Process Architecture or QMS Architecture provides a basis for subsequent improvement of the processes or the quality management system at the Client. It provides a standard for each type of product, thereby contributing to system integrity and reducing the risk of overlaps and inconsistencies. It can also serve to represent business perspectives when IT architecture is considered or when the organisation goes on to develop an enterprise architecture.

Quality management report

The Client gains an independent expert assessment of its quality management capability. This service can be used to supplement the Client’s existing resources in the area of quality management, and in a highly focused way. The Client benefits by gaining a fresh and independent perspective on, e.g.

  •  how Customer complaints or feedback are being handled
  •  trends in complaints
  •  trends in audit nonconformities
  •  quality management system performance
Coaching of quality manager,
process owner/manager, auditor

This is a targeted way of developing the performance of specific staff in quality management roles and improving their confidence. Since it is tailored to your organisation’s needs and the needs of the individual, this can be a more cost-effective way of acquiring skills than by sending staff to standard training courses.

ISO 9001 certification support

If quality management resources are short or stretched, this service can assist by providing practical technical experience in order to enable a smoother external audit.

Quality and process expertise

This is a service to provide advice and answers to any quality and process management questions and issues that your managers and staff may have.